Welcome to Paradise Place School

Crested Butte’s Community Christian School

Important Information for Parents

A Note of Thanks

To all the parents, teachers, volunteers, board members, staff and especially students for a great new school year!

Friendly Reminders

Supplies: Each child needs to bring a bottle of sunscreen to share, tennis shoes (no crocs/flip flops outside), hats, rain jacket, and sunglasses.

Parent Participation:Parents remember to record your hours! Here are some ideas:

  • Help in the Garden.
  • We still need help in the basement!!
  • Extra snacks to keep on hand

Wish List: When donating used toys and books please make sure they go to a staff member. Please don’t leave them in the room. Thank you.

 Recent Articles

Our October 2015 Newsletter

Our October 2015 Newsletter

  Paradise Place Christian Preschool October Newsletter View this email in your browser Paradise Place October Newsletter 2015 Fire Prevention Week The fire department is coming to us on Wednesday Oct. 7th at 10AM.  The firetruck will be out along with some of our community firefighters! Studies for the Month *Lambs: Leaves * Doves: Fall and the 5 Senses * Lions: Building on Fall  * Whales: Clothing Great Parent Idea Amidst pumpkin carving and putting the finishing touch on your Halloween décor, make some time to plan your kids’ Halloween experience. A little planning and some preventive teaching can help make this a fun and safe Halloween for everyone. Here are a few helpful hints for a Happy Halloween: Costumes: Most store bought costumes are made of lightweight material. If necessary, buy the costume a size larger so that your little Barbie Princess or Star Wars Storm Trooper can wear warm clothing underneath. And if the temperature drops low enough, kids may need to wear a coat, gloves and a hat over their costume. Other costume dos: Wear reflective clothing or a glow-stick necklace or bracelets. Wear sturdy shoes, even if they don’t match the costume. Props should be made of plastic or other flexible material. Make sure child can walk in the costume. Costumes that drag on the ground or are too bulky to move in cause problems. Masks and/or makeup should not block vision. If need be, pull mask up when walking between houses. Trick or Treating with Younger Kids: Young children should always be accompanied by an adult or older teen. Know what your child can handle and... read more